Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Toronto experience

Apologies again for how long this has taken to post.  The Canadian tour has come and gone and it was an amazing time.  We are in Europe now but I still want to cover the biggest city in Canada.  Toronto, as most major cities do, have plenty of options when it comes to Vegan dining.  I'll start with a place that opened up just a few months ago called Hot Beans in the Kensington market neighborhood.  I got two tacos.  One with the TVP strips and one with jackfruit.  I liked the jackfruit idea as its this fruit they marinate that has a very meaty or faux meat type of texture.  I had a side of rice and beans which I got smothered with their nacho 'cheese' and guacamole.  Certainly will be going back here next time I'm in town.
Hot Beans!

One of my favourite places to go for breakfast in Toronto is Sadie's Diner.  It is not fully vegan but there are many things that can be done vegan there.  I always get vegan Heuvos Rancheros as I tend to be a creature of habit with my favourite breakfast spots.  They also make a lot of different fresh juices in house which is always a great addition to any breakfast.

Huevos Rancheros with Beet juice at Sadies Diner
I wanted to try a few of the raw vegan restaurants that Toronto has to offer so right before the show at the Mod club I took the 40 minutes walk by myself up the the Live Organic Food Bar.  I got the Raw combo which is a great if you want to try it all.   It comes with beet ravioli, falafel, pizza and a spring roll as well as a side salad.  My experience with raw dining thus far has been amazing.  If you are not too familiar with it I think most people usually thing it will be pretty bland but this is not the case.  Raw vegans are generally very passionate about there food and there's no doubt they are here.  It was amazing and I'd go back in a heartbeat. So good but prepare to dig deep cause it is not cheap.

Raw combo at Live Organic Food bar
Cruda cafe is another raw place but it's more of a quick takeaway type of 'fastfood place'.  I've been here several times and it and have never been disappointed.  It is located in the basement of the St. Lawrence Market.  
Enchilada wrap at Cruda
Fressen is another higher end vegan restaurant.  It is centrally located on Queen Street.  It's another place where you have to be prepared to spend a little more which while on tour it's what you want to make a habit of but at the same time it is totally worth it.  The food is amazing here and you know you are getting what you pay for.

Another raw place that I checked out was Rawlicious.  I got the nori rolls and pizza. The nori rolls basically tasted like a salad wrapped in seaweed which didn't do too much for me but the pizza was amazing.  One of my favourite things about raw food is I find I don't overeat as much and not for lack of enjoying the food.  It seems when I'm eating pasta or other cooked food I can very easily gorge myself.  I think when my heavy touring days are over I'm going to transition to raw veganism as I'm convinced this is the healthy way to go.  I don't find it hard being vegan on the road but definitely take my hat off to those that can pull off raw veganism while traveling extensively.

Raw Pizza at Rawlicious

Nori rolls
All in all Toronto has so much to offer and I have many more places to check out next time I get back.  It also seems like there is always a new place or two to check out every time I come back which is exciting.


  1. Stop apologizing every time you post! Those who are following your blog will be excited every time they read a post regardless of the gaps. It's one of those things that bloggers in-the-know know ;^)

    [I just wrote the unwritten rule. Anarchy.]

    Also, yum. Thanks for the TO lowdown. I love travelling vicariously through you. You definitely indulge in a wider range of food than I do. I avoid TVP and for the most part tofu unless it is non-GMO.

    I'm happy that you're excited about raw. You still felt it was too restrictive for you when I told you about my venture into that realm (when we were at Mondragon nearly two years ago - about time we shared another meal I think!).

    I so agree with you about how easy it is to gorge on pasta. Bloat city with near zero nutrition value.

  2. Fair enough. I just want to be on top of it but time does not always allow. Didn't realize how time consuming it can be. Yeah it's unfortunate that Monsanto has a strangle hold on the soybean industry in North America.
    You might have to remind me who you are. I'm wracking my brain for a Sharon I was with at Mondragon. Apologies for the terrible memory... :(

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  4. (Weird, my post disappeared. Trying again...)

    Sharon from highschool ;-)

    I bought some non-GMO organic miso at Aviva today. Looking forward to making some soups and salad dressings. Yummy.

  5. Ahhhhhhh of course haha. Brain fart! I can't wait to get home and cook. You're making me jealous