Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I really don't know what I'm doing but...

For some time now I've pondered the idea of having a blog that combines my love of tour life with the up and down adventures of being vegan on the road. Having played in over 40 different countries in the wold I'm frequently asked how hard it is being vegan on the road. I'm also a big fan of being in the kitchen so when I'm home I'll be more than likely sharing what I'm up to in the kitchen from time to time.

I'm also quite opinionated when it comes to different politics, animal rights and such and feel this might be as good a place as any to leave my random musings about that and other observations of our dysfunctional society that I need to get off my chest. That being said, I'm most certainly down for feedback on what would make this a better blog as I'm obviously new to this world, am not a professional writer and don't have a real point of reference.


  1. I think you're going to love blogging. I started mine in January and I'm hooked!

  2. This is totally excellent. Congratulations! My only advice is to keep writing regularly, because otherwise you'll forget you have a blog in about a month.