Sunday, March 27, 2011

Monterey, Mexico

Yesterday we left Guadalajara for Monterey.  We landed, checked into our hotel and then it was time to get some food.  I'm not to up on my Hare Krishna knowledge but I do know that anytime you stumble upon a restaurant of cafe with the name Govinda('s) you will not have to worry about leaving hungry.  In my experience a lot or maybe even most of them have an 'all you can eat' type of buffet.  All but one item in the buffet was vegan so for 60 pesos which is about $5 it was easily worth the money spent.  On one side they had a large salad making section, which is what I always try to fill up on before I hit the cooked food, and then on the other side they had some pastas, faux meat, mashed potatoes Indian types of appetizers.  I once again overate and did not need to eat anything until after the show.


  1. That salad bar looks awesome. So colorful. And I think I spot some jicama! That stuff is kinda hard to come by in the states.

  2. That looks so damn good! I'm suddenly craving Mexican food :)